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Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer for the Brough Superior!

Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer for the Brough Superior!


KAOKO Throttle Stabilizers



 Brough Superior Motorcycles was established in Nottingham England by George Brough.



Sporting a 998cc air cooled OHV 50° V-Twin, the Brough Superior was known for ongoing innovation, quality and their striking good looks. One could definitely marvel in the engineering of this machine, considering each one was uniquely hand built.

The SS100 modified for the road set a world speed record of over 100mph using a four-cam JAP 980cc KTOR engine.  These immaculate machines were considered the fastest and most prestigious bikes right through into Second World War era. These outstanding machines earned the reputation of “The Rolls Royce of Motorcycles”



In 2013 Brough Superior revealed that it will be building a new version of the SS100 as a tribute to the old classic and that only 300 will be made. Today this new 21st Century Modern Classic SS100, still regarded as “The Rolls Royce of Motorcycles” has a 997cc DOHC 88° V-twin engine producing over 100 Horsepower - developed and built with French specialists Akira Engineering of Bayonne.

So how does KAOKO™ fit into the story of the Brough Superior?

Here at KAOKO™ we pride ourselves in delivering well engineered products that are made with the highest quality materials to last a motorcycle’s lifetime. The quality of a KAOKO™ THROTTLE STABILIZER is comparable with the highest standards used in the manufacture of a modern Brough Superior.

So, with the release of the new SS100 we were delighted to design and create a full custom KAOKO™ THROTTLE STABILIZER kit for this fantastic and prestigious machine. 

Sporting a matching left and right hand side bar-end weight, designed to maintain the look of the original bar-ends – even incorporating the original graphic end pieces.


How can the KAOKOThrottle Stabilizer improve the new Brough Superior’s ride?

  • The rather firm throttle spring of the SS100 is noticeable by the rider. The KAOKO™ Throttle Stabilizer addresses this condition very favorably by being able to dial in just the right amount of friction on to the throttle sleeve, thus enabling a more relaxed grip on the throttle sleeve.
  • Much more comfortable riding/less fatigue on the hand and forearm – many motorcycle riders experience a fatigued throttle hand, wrist and forearm.
  • It’s a very elegant KAOKO™ solution manufactured in highest quality aircraft grade polished and anodized aluminum maintaining the premium OEM look of this 21st Century Modern Classic. The KAOKO™ Friction nut is very neatly incorporated into the handlebar end weight.
  • It enhances the pleasurable and luxurious riding experience on the Brough Superior.




Have any questions on the new Brough Superior KAOKO™ Throttle Stabilizer?

Feel free to drop us an email –



Ride safe

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